About Us


Yoga Teacher and new Mum. The birth of Jasmina really spurred her on to create a greener planet for future generations. Combining her love for ethical businesses, opening a Zero Waste Shop seemed the ideal solution. 


Yoga Teacher, new Dad and keen minimalist, Matt is on a mission to help the people of Edinburgh reduce their waste. This is why he wanted to start The Eco Larder and will continue to spread zero waste ideals.


Stephanie's Mum, Chef, Babysitter and all round super star who gives Stephanie and Matt all the support needed to get The Eco Larder of the ground! 


Our little bundle of joy! She has just started to smile and she loves her big brother Murphy. All our efforts to becoming a Zero Waste family are for her. 


Proud brother to baby Jasmina and therapet for all the Yogis at Sunshine Yoga. Murphy the dog is full of life and loves his adventures out in nature. 

Our Story 

The Eco Larder is a Social Enterprise on a mission to create Plastic Free Edinburgh. We provide groceries, lifestyle goods, baby items and many more gems (see full Product List) that help us live without single use plastics. 

During the first few months of 2018, with baby Jasmina still tucked up in the womb, we started to become more aware of the crazy amount of packaging in our recycling bin. And like many people, we used to believe that that stuff actually got recycled. Then after watching Blue Planet and seeing the plastic waste polluting our Oceans, we decided to take a step forward each day in reducing our waste. However, we quickly discovered how difficult it is to reduce our plastic waste and so the Eco Larder was born at the same time as baby Jasmina! 

By purchasing from The Eco Larder, be it in the shop, wholesale or through our Monthly Subscription Boxes,  you are helping us to continue our social mission in creating #plasticfreeedinburgh. Some of the work we do includes providing free educational workshops on creating zero waste products to the public as well the Plastic Free Edinburgh Badge program creating waste accountability for companies. Together we can use our spending power to change the world for the better.  


Our Family 

We are the founders of Sunshine Yoga in Gorgie, a community of like minded people, who love to do a bit of yoga. The plastic problem was coming up more and more at the studio and alongside that, whilst baby Jasmina was still tucked up in the womb, we started to become more aware of the crazy amount of packaging in our recycling bin. Like many people, we used to believe that that stuff got recycled. Then after watching Blue Planet and seeing the plastic waste polluting our Oceans, we decided to take a step forward each day in reducing our waste. We are by no means perfect and do struggle as there is no single dedicated Zero Waste Shop in Edinburgh and so the Eco Larder was born.


With the arrival of baby Jasmina, we started viewing possible homes for the Eco Larder during the summer of 2018. We found the ideal location at 200 Morrison Street by Haymarket. We raised just over £22K through Crowdfunding to make it all possible and we aim to open The Eco Larder on 20 November 2018. We are super chuffed so many people throughout Edinburgh have gotten onboard through pledging, sharing social media posts and volunteering. If you would like to get involved on the road to opening the shop, please join The Eco Larder Volunteer Group on Facebook.