Q1 What is The Eco Larder?

  The Eco Larder is Edinburgh’s first Zero Waste Supermarket which offers sustainable alternatives for both food & lifestyle        products.

Q2 How does the weighing system work?

   It can be done in 4 simple steps:


    1. Weigh

    2. Fill

    3. Re-weigh

    4. Pay

Q3 Can I bring my own containers from home to fill up?

  Yes! We encourage our customers to bring any containers, bags, jars etc they have already & reuse them in store. We do have    jars & bags available for purchase if you need any spare / new containers.

Q4 Do I have to be a member to shop with you?


   No, anyone can shop with us.

 We have a membership available, which you can purchase for £30 & this lasts for 1 year. Our membership allows our  customers  to get a 10% discount every time they shop with us. If you’re a regular customer, becoming a member could be very  beneficial  for you.

Q5 What is the best form of contact if I want to host an event / workshop at The Eco Larder?

  Either romaine@theecolarder.com or charlotte@theecolarder.com 

Q6 What is the best form of contact if I want to become a supplier for The Eco Larder?

  Either romaine@theecolarder.com or hello@theecolarder.com

Q7 Are you collecting Ecobricks or know anywhere that is?


  Our Ecobricks collection is now closed, but you can visit www.ecobricks.org to find other collection points.

Q8 Who are your main suppliers?

  Phantassie, Green City & Suma are three of our main suppliers

Q9 Where do you get your fruit and vegetables from?

  East Coast Organics & Phantassie Food. These are both local suppliers which provide us with local and seasonal fruit and  vegetables


Q10 Is everything you sell in store organic? 

   No, but both our food & lifestyle products are organic where we can get them organic


Q11 Are your fruit and vegetables organic?

   Yes, our fruit, vegetables, milk and eggs are all organic


Q12 Where does your refillable milk come from & what days is it delivered?


   We get our milk from Mossgiel farm & it gets delivered fresh on a Monday & Friday afternoon


Q13 How long does your milk last & how much is it?

   Our milk lasts 5 days after it is delivered (the sell-by date is written on the machine) & it is £1.50 per litre


Q14 Where is your bread from & when does it get delivered?

   We get our bread from Company Bakery & it gets delivered fresh every morning before we open


Q15 Where is your coffee from?

   We have two coffee suppliers: Santu & Equal Exchange.


Q16 Do you sell vegan cheese? 

   No, we currently do not sell vegan cheese as we have not yet found an affordable & waste-free alternative


Q17 Do you sell gluten-free pasta?


   Yes! We have recently just added gluten-free pasta as a zero waste product in store

Q18 Do you sell vegan milk alternatives?

   Yes we do. We make our very own oat milk fresh everyday.

Q19 Are your products safe for those with nut / wheat / gluten etc allergens?


   We have strict regimes put in place in order to ensure there is minimal cross contamination, especially for those with  allergies. However, we cannot 100% guarantee that all of our products are completely free of cross contamination due to the  self service system that we have in store. 


Q20 Are you on social media?

   Yes, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @theecolarder.

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