Environmental & Sustainable Wellbeing in your Office

Here at The Eco Larder, we are all about being change-makers and that goes beyond our plastic and package free food and lifestyle products we stock at the shop. There are four ways for your office to get involved with The Eco Larder : 

Plastic Free Edinburgh Badge

Yoga & Meditation

Office Supplies & Wholesale


1. Plastic Free Edinburgh Badge 

We are on a mission to encourage local businesses to take a stance against single use plastics with us.


We are all on our own journeys and we will support you at whatever stage you are at. The most important thing is that you and your organisation are actively looking to make a change and reduce your plastic waste.


As a business, it’s important to be part of the Plastic Free Edinburgh movement. We see the destructive damage plastic causes in the media almost daily. Plastic can’t be recycled forever and recycling along is not an adequate response to over consumption of resources and a throwaway culture. That plastic waste has to go somewhere. Often it’s landfill, where it will remain for hundreds of years. Lots of plastic eventually finds its way into the ocean. It poisons birds, suffocates animals, and when it’s eaten by fish, even finds it way back into the food chain.


Greenpeace estimates that a truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute.

That’s 12.7 million tonnes every year.

By becoming part of the Plastic Free Edinburgh Badge program, you will receive;

  • Consultancy Support for your organisation on removing plastic from your business.

  • Annual talks Connecting and engaging with staff and customers to create unity and understanding of the mission.

  • Publicity Podcast and Social Media recognition for your companies’ environmental leadership as well as free networking opportunities to tackle the plastic problem as a community.

  • Accountability Measures The Eco Larder will work with you to continuously improve your corporate environmental responsibility.

  • Discount for your employees at The Eco Larder




Your organisation will be supporting employees and their families to make plastic free shopping an affordable reality.

The Plastic Free Edinburgh Badge is an ongoing movement with support for your business year round. To become a member, we ask for a monthly recurring donation to The Eco Larder according to company size. 

2. Yoga & Meditation 


Within The Eco Larder we have a dedicated and peaceful yoga studio. Yoga is proven to help improve employee health at work by boosting productivity and energy levels, managing and lowering stress levels, soothing desk bound aches and pains and enhancing employee wellbeing.

Whether you are looking to subsidise yoga for your employees or for us to come in to your space, we are happy to completely customise a package to suite the needs of your company and employees.


Even if you think you can’t meditate, our teachers will prove you delightfully wrong. Our passionate teachers offer simple techniques to help slow down the monkey mind.

Classes are 30 minutes and every weekday at 12:30. Your first class is on us and our price range is from £1.25 - £5 per person per session.

When classes are not in session, the studio is open for self-guided practice. We created a space for both new and experienced practitioners.

Super comfortable Meditation cushions are provided and there is no specific dress code. Suits or skirts are very welcome, making this a great way to relief stress for office workers during their day.

Integrating the tools shared in the meditation sessions can help us to connect each day and each moment to the blissful space within and harmonise every challenge and situation with our own inner power and peace.

All proceeds go to furthering The Eco Larder's mission for a Plastic Free Edinburgh, not Sunshine Yoga. 


3. Office Supplies & Wholesale

We can provide your employees with weekly refillable snacks, ranging from nuts, dried fruits, coffee, loose leaf teas or biodegradable tea bags and much more.


However, probably our most exciting plastic saving we can offer you is our zero waste milk. We are a nation of tea drinkers and our offices cannot be without milk! Our organic milk is delivered directly from the farm into our vending machine, so there is absolutely no waste involved.

We are passionate about helping busy on the go office workers reduce their plastic footprint, which is why we offer offices wholesale pricing on;

• Reusable coffee cups (More than 7 million disposable coffee cups go to landfill daily in the UK!) 

• Water bottles

• Lunch tins

• Cleaning products

If you would like to help bring environmental and sustainable wellbeing to your office, we’d be delighted to come in and speak with you.


4. Volunteer with us 

We are always looking for people to help in the shop, analyse our data for the impact we are having on our environment, come along to our beach cleans or help us reach out & educate businesses and schools. So if you feel your organisation could help, please do get in touch. 

200 Morrison Street



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