Small steps to making a difference

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

As the #plasticfree movement flourishes, people and businesses are becoming more socially aware.

As with any transition it’s important to find ways in which everyone can get involved. With so much media coverage, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. Below, I reveal some of the easiest ways to get involved in reducing your plastic-waste. You’ll be happy to hear that as well as reducing your plastic use, they will save you money!

1. Your drinking habits

Every morning on my walk to work, I pass the same lady with her takeaway coffee in a single-use cup. The coffee chain she visits awards double the reward stamps if you bring your own cup, so she could be getting double the free coffees and helping to reduce her plastic waste!

Did you know that most cafes give you 15p-50p reduction on the price of your coffee? Reusable

coffee cups are now so affordable that the saving you make on your morning coffee will have it paid for in just a few weeks.

Trying to squeeze a packed lunch, sneakers and gym gear into my backpack is a struggle and as a result I used to sometimes buy a plastic bottle of water at the gym (guilty!) Not only did this cost me money, but it was completely unnecessary as Scottish tap water is fantastic. A great space-saving solution is to purchase a collapsible water bottle. I found a large variety online and at some of the larger sports retailers.

2. Your eating habits

Batch cooking on the weekend or making double portions of dinner each night is a great way to incorporate packed lunches into your weekly routine. Relying on ‘meal deals’ and pre-packaged sandwiches is expensive and creates excessive plastic waste. By taking your lunches to work you will save money, eat healthier and help save the planet. It’s a win-win!

If you do purchase a takeaway meal or drink, why not invest in a reusable ‘spork’ or metal straw.

3. Your shopping habits

Keeping a reusable bag in your jacket pocket, handbag and car is a convenient way to ensure you don’t need to buy (another!) plastic bag when shopping.

Visit a farmer’s market or zero-waste supermarket to find fresh produce that isn’t wrapped in plastic. Challenge yourself by only buying fruit and vegetables not wrapped or packaged in plastic. Decide on another product and create something different for your dinner.

Buy your bread and meat from local retailers. As well as saving on packaging, you are also supporting a local business.

Do you have an online shopping habit? Why not re-use your postal bags and envelopes. This saves you money and finds another use for your plastic waste.

Whilst it can seem a bit overwhelming, any small changes you make are worthwhile. Begin with a visit to the Eco Larder. Their friendly staff will assist and inspire you! My favourite products are the freshly squeezed orange juice, deluxe muesli, banana chips and chilli flakes (an absolute bargain!)

Happy shopping.

Kimberley Chatt


200 Morrison Street



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