Subscription Boxes

Monthly Plastic Free Deliveries by Bike to your home or office! 

We have teamed up with the lovely folk at Sustrans and will be delivering our monthly subscription boxes the second Friday of every month. 

Each box costs £45 per month, which includes delivery on electric cargo bike and we will also collect your empties upon delivery every month.

A starter zero waste container kit is provided. 

A zero waste lifestyle brings us back to a slower pace of life, so we only have a limited number of subscriptions available, covering a 2.5 mile radius from 200 Morrison Street, EH3 8EB.  

The Office Environment

500g Steampunk Coffee

250g Eteaket Loose leaf Tea

10 Who gives a Crap loo rolls

4 Glass Clip Top Jars

If you haven't yet tried Steampunk Coffee, please do, it is so yummy with chocolaty and nutty undertones and super smooth. They are also the most environmentally friendly coffee supplier we have found around Edinburgh. We receive their East Lothian roasted coffee single use package and plastic free. 

Eteaket are the leaf tea experts, providers of  exceptional loose leaf tea, ethically sourced and passionately designed at Eteaket and based here in Edinburgh.

Who gives a crap are a global phenomenon, toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper. With 1/2 of their profits donated to installing toilets in third world countries. No inks,dyes or scents. Good for bums, good for the planet!

We have three blend options to choose from for both your coffee and tea  order. 

£45 p/m

The Plastic Free 

250g Steampunk Coffee

100g Eteaket Loose leaf Tea

10 Who gives a Crap loo rolls

4 Types of Seasonal Organic Locally grown Veg

1 Loaf of organic Breadshare Sourdough Bread 

1 Shampoo Bar

4 Glass Clip Top Mason Jars

2 Breadsized Beeswax Wraps

As well as Coffee,Tea and toilet roll our Plastic Free Revolution box includes staples for your home all completely plastic and package free.

Staying in season with our food keeps us on natures rhythm and means we can s stay sourced locally all year round. Our mini veg box section provides organic locally grown vegetables to inspire seasonal mealtimes.

Bread from Breadshare - Edinburgh's community bakery promoting the health benefits of real bread

Zero Waste Shampoo bar - takes 1 less plastic shampoo bottle out of the picture and our bars give an exceptional hair wash.

£45 p/m

To purchase please click on donate below, inputing £45 & select "make this a monthly donation". We will then be in touch within 24 hours to ask you about which box, your coffee & Tea preferences & where we need to hop on our bike to get the goods to your door. 

200 Morrison Street



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