The Eco Larder Team

The Eco Larder Team has grown significantly since we opened in November 2018 & we now have the lovely Romaine & Charlotte as part of our family. Each month we have our team breakfast & ceremony to check in with one another & prepare for the month ahead. The heart of The Eco Larder is all about family & our planet and we are so happy to have these two lovely ladies as a part of our mighty team. 


Yoga Teacher, Co-founder & Mum to little Jasmina, Stephanie is on a mission to create a greener planet for future generations. Combining her love for ethical businesses, opening a Zero Waste Shop seemed the ideal solution to promote this lifestyle across Edinburgh.. 




Our little Jasmina was born at the same time as The Eco Larder. A year on, she has grown into her own little self & loves being surrounded by our wonderful community in The Eco Larder. She is curious, adorable & loves running around the shop on delivery days. We have created this wonderful shop, vision & community that our little girl will grow up in. 

Yoga Teacher, Co-founder & Dad to little Jasmina, Matt is a keen minimalist who is on a journey to help the people of Edinburgh reduce their waste. He wanted to open The Eco Larder to promote a sustainable lifestyle and continues to spread his zerowaste ideals.