The Eco Larder Team

The Eco Larder Team has grown significantly since we opened in November 2018 & we now have the lovely Romaine & Charlotte as part of our family. Each month we have our team breakfast & ceremony to check in with one another & prepare for the month ahead. The heart of The Eco Larder is all about family & our planet and we are so happy to have these two lovely ladies as a part of our mighty team. 


Yoga Teacher, Co-founder & Mum to little Jasmina, Stephanie is on a mission to create a greener planet for future generations. Combining her love for ethical businesses, opening a Zero Waste Shop seemed the ideal solution to promote this lifestyle across Edinburgh.. 


Romaine is our wonderful Store Manager at The Eco Larder. She studied Zoology at the University of Glasgow & brings all her environmental knowledge into running the store. She is also a fellow Yogi, Acro Enthusiast & cat lover. She is mum to her little cat Kita & has been living a sustainable life since as long as she can remember as hopes the rest of the world will start now. She brings endless strength, knowledge & love to our lovely store. 



Our little Jasmina was born at the same time as The Eco Larder. A year on, she has grown into her own little self & loves being surrounded by our wonderful community in The Eco Larder. She is curious, adorable & loves running around the shop on delivery days. We have created this wonderful shop, vision & community that our little girl will grow up in. 


Ingrid is Mum to Stephanie & Grandma to little Jasmina. Ingrid is the biggest supporter of The Eco Larder & its mission to reduce plastic in Edinburgh. We could not have done everything we have without all the help & support from the wonderful Ingrid. 

Yoga Teacher, Co-founder & Dad to little Jasmina, Matt is a keen minimalist who is on a journey to help the people of Edinburgh reduce their waste. He wanted to open The Eco Larder to promote a sustainable lifestyle and continues to spread his zerowaste ideals.


Charlotte began volunteering with us before we opened back in November 2018 after she discovered her new found love for zero waste shopping when she lived in New Zealand.  Since then she has become a recent graduate of Film & Media from Queen Margaret University & has taken on the roll of Digital Executive for The Eco Larder. Most things that you see across our digital platforms will be the work of the lovely Charlotte. 

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